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$12 Valentine Gift Baskets for Toddlers/Preschoolers

Valentine's Day Tradition-It's All For the Kids

Ever since having my daughter, I have made it of utmost importance to make Valentine's Day all about her and I. As I stated in a last year's post here, my husband has never made a big deal out of this holiday and honestly just isn't too fond of it. In my post from last year, you can read why I decided to start this tradition of making this holiday about the love I share with my daughter and nephew. In celebration, every year, I gather a couple of small, inexpensive items from stores like the Dollar Tree and Target that they both will enjoy to create a Valentine's Day Gift Basket for each of them. As always, I try to get the same item for each of them and just switch up the colors or characters based on their individual preferences. Thankfully, I have been lucky for the past two years to always find a pair of the same items for both of them to add to their baskets.

Here's What's in Each $12 Basket:

(Yes, you read that right I spent a total of $24 on everything for these baskets so, $12 on each individual basket and it is way more than enough items to keep them happy for days after Valentine's Day!)

Target Bullseye Section: Total Spent $10

-L.O.L Surprise & PJ Masks Adhesive Bandages ($1 each)

-Disney Junior Mickey & Trolls World Tour Projector Flashlights ($3 each)

*These were definitely my favorite finds this year!

-Dinosaur and Striped Heart Valentine's Kid Socks ($1 each)

Dollar Tree: Total Spent $14

-Red Hearts Baskets ($1 each)

-Wack A Pack Balloons Pack of 4 ($1)

*These were a great find because it came with a variety that was perfect for me to split between the both of them with designs they like. These are also so much fun for the kids because they actually can make the balloons magically appear themselves.

-Disney Mickey & Minnie Milk Chocolate Hearts ($1 each)

-Fruit By The Foot Mini Feet Box of 4 ($1)

-Paw Patrol & My Little Pony Flavored Lip Balm ($1 each)

-Valentine's Day Themed Painting Sets ($1 each)

*I always love getting them a fun arts & crafts activity they can work on together on the holiday.

-Red Decorative Shred ($1 each)

-Clear Basket Bags Pack of 2 ($1)

Last year I was able to find them a beautiful children's picture book from Dollar Tree about the love of a mother and her child which even came with a CD with a special song but, I had no luck with books this year. However, I highly recommend looking at the books section at your local Dollar Tree store because usually they have pretty amazing books for just $1!


You don't have to spend a ton of money on a Valentine's Day gift for your little one as you can see.

I spent less than $30 on both my daughter and my nephew!

Not to mention, how easy this is to put together! I bought all of these items in one single day. (Watch me quickly create these baskets on my instagram reel here.) I like to include more items that they will enjoy playing with and which can eventually become memorable items rather than filling them up with a bunch of candy.

The idea is to give them a little something that will will instill in them that they too are special and loved on this holiday. For me, it's about showing my daughter that no matter what happens in the future when she gets older and begins to have her own relationships, she can always count on the relationship she has with her Mami. I want her to see that the love I have for her will never cease to exist and that it is a one and only kind of love...

...Sew This is Life!


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Feb 12, 2021

This is a great Vday basket! My children would love everything in there.


Feb 11, 2021

What a great VDay basket

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