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The Secret to Maintaining Healthy Hair During Pregnancy & Postpartum-A DIY Hair Regimen

Ever since my overworked days and sleepless nights of college at the Fashion Institute of Technology, it's been a huge issue for me to maintain my hair healthy, long, and full. Towards the end of my last semester, my hair became very thin and unhealthy. I decided to cut my long hair down to my shoulders in order to give myself a fresh start at healthy hair.

I tried numerous things (I even did laser treatments) but the one thing that has only seemed to really work is an old school home remedy recommended to me by my mother-in-law. This remedy is seriously the holy grail! Not only did it quickly make my hair grow back to it's normal length. It also has made my hair so much more fuller, shinier, and smooth. I made the special concoction for my co-workers a couple of times and they loved it so much, they even paid me to supply them with refills!!

While I was pregnant, I made sure to faithfully use this treatment in order to prevent the hair-loss every mom is said to undergo after child birth. I must admit, while I was pregnant my hair was thriving! Even after having my daughter, I honestly thought I had been saved from the infamous postpartum hair loss. To my disappointment, 5 months into postpartum, I realized my hair had begun falling out tremendously.

I know this is just a part of motherhood and that eventually my hair will stop falling out and will grow back to normal. Even so, I continue to use this remedy as part of my hair regimen because consistency is key. In order to get results, you must be consistent!

Below is the recipe for you to try yourself from home. If you decide to try it, I hope you are as satisfied with the results as I've been. Remember though, results will not happen from just one use!

(*Most of these items I ordered from amazon. You can also find them at your local beauty supply store.)


Ingredients: (*Makes enough for about 10-12 uses; may vary depending on individual hair,)

-4 Cups Queen Helene Cholesterol Cream

-1 tbs of each of the following essential oils:

-"Espiritu de Canela"/Cinnamon Spirit

-Coconut Oil

-Almond Oil

-Rosemary Oil

-Jamaican Black Castor Oil

-Jojoba Oil

-2 egg yolks


Mix all of these ingredients together and put in unwashed hair. I usually part my hair in 4 sections and start at the scalp and work my way down to the ends. Leave the treatment on for 20-30min. (*If you have a hair dryer, put a plastic cap on and sit in the dyer while the treatment is in your hair.) Before washing out the treatment be sure to massage your scalp thoroughly for about 5 minutes. To wash the treatment out I usually do a single shampoo wash of all natural garlic shampoo before washing it again with my normal shampoo.

Once my hair is washed, I massage some Vitamin E oil and Tea Tree oil into the scalp and leave it in. You can also add these oils to the conditioning treatment instead of leaving it in after you wash your hair.

I hope this was useful to all my super-mommas out there! Any questions or comments please leave a comment or email me!

...Sew This is Life!

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