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5 Must-Have Items for The First Year of Kindergarten!

I still cannot believe it! My baby Celine started her very first day of Kindergarten last week! If you're a first time kinder mom like me, I feel ya! I started my first day of teaching at a new school on the same day and couldn't be there to drop her off in the morning. I left the house early for work and as I was driving on the highway, imagining her making her little way into her school building, I couldn't help but feel a lump suddenly come up in my throat. I was about to start tearing when I quickly snapped myself out of it, took a deep breath, said a prayer, and played a happy tune the rest of the way to work. It's literally a rollercoaster of emotions when your child starts school. You are happy and excited for this next stage in their lives which you know they (AND YOU) are SOO ready for. Yet, you can't help but to feel melancholy about the fact that your baby is quickly growing up into their own little persons and gradually become less dependent of mama bear. Not to mention, all the other emotions that arise with the way this crazy world can make so many thoughts run around in our brains 24/7.

On a positive note, her first two days were great! Luckily for me, I was able to find a new position in which I can get home early enough to make it for pick-ups so, although I am not able to wave good-bye in the mornings, I am able to see that happy smile at the end of the day! And honestly, I wouldn't want it any other way. Mornings I would probably me allover the place trying to rush her to school and myself to work. Afternoons are perfect, I am out of work, my mind is free, and I get to indulge in the precious moment of picking up my daughter from school.

Anyway, here are a few items that we purchased for Celine in order to make her first year of school pleasant and to ensure she's got everything she needs. I have really been happy with these products and I think they are perfect for kids in any school age of elementary but most especially when starting kindergarten.

The company did a great job of coming up with a variety of fun colorful prints that children will really love and get excited about. Also, the main reason I love this backpack is that they monogram it for a small extra fee. Overall, the bag is really inexpensive for the quality and it's just the perfect size for small children just starting school.

I found this one at target but, you can also find them on amazon. The brand has so many more cool designs for kids. It's dishwasher safe and keeps drinks cool all day.

This thing is very durable and will not allow anything to leak out. It is also made with a rubber coating on the outsides that will prevent the container from shattering or breaking if your child drops it. Honestly, where were these when I was in elementary school??!

This is great for soups, fruits, or any other lunch you want to keep warm or cool for your little one.

5) Last but not least, because just about EVERYTHING needs to be labeled in Kindergarten from markers, clothes, containers, etc.

These come in a pack including a variety of sizes so you can even label your child's markers and pencils! They even have different font options and decorative icons to choose from.

If you have a little one in school, I know your struggle. I hope you and your child are having a great start with very few chaos, although, I know how REAL it can get some days. Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable school year. Here is the direct link to the items on my Amazon store front. I hope this product list offers you some good tips!

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