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Mommy & Baby 20 Months ( 1 1/2 Year) Update

Last week my daughter officially turned 20 months old and not a day goes by that I don't ask myself, "where has my little 5lb 8oz baby gone?" Everytime my daughter surprises me with a new word or a new act, I wish I could just stop the clock from ticking even for just a little while. I still cannot believe my daughter is 19 months old. She's just a few months away from being a 2 year old toddler!

    Below I will share with you some updates on how much she has grown and developed in such a short period of time. I will also share with you some of our favorite items that we've been using with her as she's gradually becoming a toddler.

*Weight & Height: 25lbs. 33" 

This little girl is going to be super tall as she is currently off the chart for her age range average population height. It's insane! We recently bought her a bunch of new clothes size 18 months-24 months since she grew out of practically everything in her wardrobe. After just 2 weeks, I've noticed all her jumpsuits are already fitting her short! Thankfully, we are starting to get warmer weather with the change of the season so, she can wear all of her new clothes even if they're already too short.


As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have completely weaned my daughter off of breast milk and she has now been drinking Organic Whole Milk for the past 4 months. I still can't believe it's been only 4 months without breastfeeding. I feel like I haven't breastfed in years! (*Click here to see our Weaning Journey Post)

In terms of solid foods, the REAL question here is what doesn't she eat?! My daughter LOVES to eat! She literally eats every time she sees someone eating in front of her, even if she just finished eating an entire meal. I love her adventurous personality and how she will try anything. She's definitely nothing like me in this aspect, she definitely got that from her father. I am much more reserved and pretty bland when it comes to food. I always stick to the basics and hardly ever try the unknown. Hence, she pretty much eats everything: fruits (her favorites are tangerines and bananas), vegetables, rice, meat, and sweets of course. Her favorite food I have to say, is pasta. Oh how she loves to eat pasta with marinara sauce and ground turkey! She also likes to eat eggs a lot (she's been eating them since she was about 10 months old). Recently, she saw my husband and I eating salad while we were at the dinner table and she asked for some so, now she has grown to like eating salad as well. I could just go on and on about all the food she likes because I think that's her favorite thing to do (besides scrolling through my phone or ipad pictures).

*Diapers/Potty Training:

My daughter is now using size 5 diapers! I've always liked to use Huggies brand diapers and we recently started using the Huggies Little Movers. In terms of wipes, my husband and I like using the Amazon brand (my husband more because of how affordable they are ($11.99 for a box of 6 packs!) and myself because of the quality). I've tried Pampers brand and Huggies brand but none have come close to the Amazon quality. It's the perfect weight, not too heavy, not too light. It has a light scent (there are unscented ones) and best part of all is that it does not leave any residue or shredding when used. Not to mention, they are so easy to order and restock on! I highly recommend the Amazon brand wipes.

A few months ago my daughter started saying "Ka-ka!" whenever she felt like she needed to go pee-pee or poopy in her diaper. (Yes, she uses the same word to describe both!) Considering she was often announcing when she was going to go and pulling down her pants, we decided it would be a good idea to get her a potty. We knew we weren't exactly ready to fully potty train her just yet but, we thought it was a good idea just to start preparing ourselves and prepping her for it. We considered getting her a full potty and discovered some really cool ones. We saw potties that even had storage space for books and toys and an actual flushing lever. However, when I began to think about the cleaning it would require after every use, I decided that may not be the best for us. We went with the toilet seat cover instead. We purchased the "Parent's Choice Cushioned Potty Seat" from Walmart. It's been serving it's purpose well so far. It's all white, fits perfectly over our toilet seat, and has a cushion on the seat which is great. Since getting the potty seat cover, she has actually used the toilet about 3 times now! (Just to go pee-pee.) Usually when it's bath time, she will see me use the toilet and then she will want to try as well. She has even gone so far as to grab the seat herself to tell me she wants to go! Although she isn't fully potty trained yet, we are getting there. Any moms reading who have experience in this area, please comment below some successful methods you have used for your babies. I would love to know about your experience and figure out what may work with us once I start the journey as well. Also, any suggestions on diapers to use during this transitional period would be great!

*Motor/Sensory Development:

Obviously, since my last baby update, my daughter is now walking, running, jumping, etc. She is always on the move! She loves to give hugs (especially other babies) and blow kisses. She tries walking up and down stairs, but her tiny legs and feet still need help from an adult. Although she isn't able to do it on her own just yet, she is determined and never gives up. About 2 months ago, she began wanting to feed herself and refused to let anyone feed her. At the beginning, she would drop so much food and barely got any in her mouth. (This is how she started saying, "A mess!") Even though, we tried to feed her, she would cry and scream until she got the spoon back. Now, she's a pro at feeding herself. She still makes messes here and there, depending on what she is eating for the day but, for the most part she is pretty good with feeding herself. To all the new moms reading, the best thing about finally reaching this milestone is that you can finally eat your food in peace and enjoy it before it gets cold because you aren't busy trying to feed your baby anymore.

One of my daughter's favorite things to do now, (besides eating) is DANCING! I don't know what it is but, since she was tiny I could tell that she had a ear for music. She just loves it! As soon as she hears a beat (doesn't really matter where it's coming from) her body starts moving to the sounds. In her short life, she has had plenty of favorite songs, they literally change like every 2 months it seems. A few months ago it was "Con Calma" by Daddy Yankee. Before that it was Cardi B's "Ring" and before that it was Drake "In My Feelings". Today it's Anuel AA ft. Karol G "Secreto", "Oh Daddy" by Natti Natasha, and "Con Altura" by Rosalia and J Balvin. Now people, you may be thinking, those are just my favorite songs and I assume my daughter likes it because of how she reacts when I play them. No, these are songs she actually sings along to and requests to watch their videos on Youtube almost every single day.

She also likes to write and color. Not too long ago, she would come home from daycare and see a pen or a marker and she would say, "Mama, write". It took me a while to realize what she was saying but, now every time I hear her say it I know she wants me to give her something to write with and some paper. She loves reading books. She has her own shelf of books where she can easily make her own selections of books to read before bed every night. 

I can make an infinite list of all the words she says but that would take me forever and I wouldn't want to bore you. At this point, she pretty much repeats a lot of the things we tell her to say. She is very good with remembering people by their names and can tell who they are just by hearing their voices over the phone. She is able to recognize people and still call them by their names even if she hasn't seen them in a while.


My daughter has been a late bird when it comes to teething. She actually only had her four front teeth (2 at the top and 2 at the bottom) until she turned 18 months, that's when she started growing in molars. I guess you can say we've been pretty lucky with that because a teething baby is just no joke! As of now she has grown in 2 molars on either top sides of her mouth, 2 new front bottom teeth, and this week 2 bottom molars for a total of 10 teeth. Just last night, she woke up at 2am fussing and crying for what we thought was no reason. She didn't allow my husband and I to get much sleep before we had to wake up for work. Once we were up, we realized it could've been her teething that was keeping her up crying all night because she was fine in the morning.

*Current Baby Favorites:

T.V.: "Fancy Nancy" on the DisneyNow app (She literally asks to watch this every night before bed by saying "Mama, Ooo la-la")

Cartoon Character: Elmo *See video attached of how excited she was when my husband got her Elmo slippers.

Food: Pizza, Pasta, and rice

Toys: My Ipad which has now become hers and her "Little Tikes" Pink Car

*My Postpartum Body:

    As for me, I have been able to gain about 8-9lbs. since my last update 10 months ago. I was about 127lbs. then and now I'm at a whomping 136 lbs.! Although I am not at my goal weight just yet, gaining this much weight so far is a great accomplishment for me. As I've mentioned in the past, all my life, it has always been very difficult for me to gain weight. Before getting pregnant, I was on a journey to gain good, healthy muscle weight. I was eating about 4-5 high protein/high carb meals a day and weight training almost everyday. After having my daughter and breastfeeding for over a year, I lost the little bit of muscles I had gained. I was at the lowest weight I had ever been since I was a teenager! Once I stopped breastfeeding completely, I knew it was the perfect time to start my muscle weight gaining journey again.

    To be honest, it has been extremely tough for me to maintain a consistent gym/workout routine these days. I have had a lot going on and it's been one thing after another. I never give up and always try to get in the gym even if it's just once a week. However, it has been a real mental battle for me to face the fact that right now it just cannot be at the top of my priority list. With everything else going on in my life, (work, school, custom-made prom dresses to sew, being a mom, and being a wife) it doesn't matter how hard I try, there just isn't enough time in the day to get it all done. Monday was actually my first day back in the gym since, I can't even remember when! On most days when I'm feeling down about achieving my body goals, I say to myself, "Don't let this brief moment discourage you, as long as you keep the dream alive, you will always continue to fight to reach your goal. This is just a detour along the road." As Charles Kingsleigh would say, "the only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible."

...Sew This is Life!

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