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How it all began...

Young mommy blogger, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY by Dominican parents, life was not the easiest. However, having hard-working immigrant parents I was taught to persevere and find my place on this earth.  My love for art and destiny placed me in the world of fashion and after many years of fashion school, two fashion degrees, and nearly seven years of working in the fashion industry, I thought I knew what life was. At this time the hardest thing in my life was sitting at a sewing or knitting machine for without any sleep but, boy was I deceived!!

All of a sudden within the span of just a year, what we call LIFE actually began for me! Moving out on my own, becoming a wife to my boyfriend of over six years, and now a mother...these are the things I've learned truly define life. Join me as I continue to discover what life really is all about while sharing my experiences as a daughter, sister, mother, wife, fitness freak, working woman, fashionista, and now reinstated college student. (Or as my husband likes to call me "Superwoman".)

...Sew this is life!