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100+ Hispanic Businesses to Support & Other Resources

This Hispanic Heritage month, I wanted to use my platform to highlight some amazing shops and businesses that deserve attention and that I’m sure you will find something to love about them as well.

First, here are 5 of my current favorite local small businesses:

Shop Caritas-Clean Beauty & Wellness

This little shop is very near and dear to my heart. It is owned and curated by one of my best friend’s who graduated college with me, Kiara Javier. She is a Bronx native, and raised by Dominican parents. I know first-hand how much this small business means to her as well as how much time, dedication, and love she puts into every product she sells. All of the products, whether it be skincare, candles, teas, are all hand made by her and made using all natural ingredients. A few of my personal favorites are the Starry Nights Relaxing Loose Tea Blend, Rose Water Mist Spray, Botanic Brow Lash & Brow Rescue Serum, and the Tumeric & Honey Nourish and Glow Facial Mask. What I love the most about this shop is the way Kiara has built a bridge between her business and her faith by donating money to various funds/organizations from every sale she makes.

You can check her shop out on instagram or directly on her site here. Be on the lookout for new products being released this October perfect for the Fall season!

Fanesha Fabre Art-Art/Accessories/Home

The artist and creator behind this shop, Fanesha Fabre is a Brooklyn based and Dominican born Latina. What attracted me almost immediately about Fanesha’s work and products is that they bring me a sense of nostalgia for my days growing up with my Dominican/New Yorican family. If you are of Hispanic descent and raised in New York, I guarantee there will be at least one product, if not all, that will make you burst into laughter or crack a smile while you are brought back to a childhood memory or a specific family member. I, like Fanesha, was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY by Dominican parents so most of the items in her shop are relatable to me and my life experiences in some way. My absolute favorite is the Mentiras wooden pin and keychain. When I saw that I literally died of laughter thinking of the many times I found that same tin container of cookies at my grandmother’s house only to open it and it be filled with sewing supplies and other knick knacks. Just waiting on it to be made into a croc charm! For now, you can catch me rockin’ the platanos on my lavender crocs!

You can check her beautiful artwork as well as products on instagram or directly on her site here. Currently there is a Hispanic Heritage Month sale going on, 20% off using code: 25hh!

Shop AZBA-Jewelry

I found the AZBA shop at my local library’s Autumn festival and I’m so happy I was able to spot her booth. Janitza Santana-Uy, creator and owner of the AZBA shop, is an Afro-Latina of Dominican parents based out of the Bronx. This small business is Janitza’s way of fulfilling her passion as a creator and sharing it with others through the making of beautifully handmade jewelry and accessories for both men and women. While the AZBA shop is a dream come true for her, she is also a full time teacher and mother of two little girls.

You can check her shop out on instagram or directly on her Etsy page here.

Hija De Tu Madre-Apparel/Accessories

This brand is known for celebrating the realness and rawness that comes with being a Latina and Latinx. Patty Delgado, founder and designer of Hija De Tu Madre, says her brand’s mission is to create fashionable statements of identity, apparel that accurately depicts cultural intersections.

This brand has a variety of great products ranging from jewelry, desk items, to accessories yet, my favorite has got to be the merging of the classic American denim jacket with the Virgencita de Guadalupe or Frida Kahlo in sequin applique on the back. Nothing screams powerful mujer Latina-Americana to me than that!

You can check out all of their products on instagram or directly on the site here.

P.S.: Right now, you can get a FREE “LATINA” necklace with the purchase of any denim jacket!

Rizos Curls-Hair Care

I have been using Rizos Curls products for about 4 months now but have a long time since I first learned about the brand. Julissa Prado, CEO and founder of the brand, is a Mexican-American Latina who, growing up, dreamed of one day finding the perfect formula for a product that would work well with all curly hair types. From hair conditioner and shampoos, to styling gels, diffusers, and even scalp massaging brushes, this brand has got it all! What really drew my attention to this brand, besides the fact that it is Latina-owned, is the level of transparency that Julissa Prado holds of much value when it comes to sharing all ingredients with her customers. On her site you can find a full page with in-depth details of all the natural ingredients used in her products. Also, you can find great tips and how-to’s on her curl education page.

Currently, my favorite products from this brand are the collapsible diffuser, the detangling flexi brush, and the light hold gel.

Follow Rizo Curls on instagram where Julissa shares great videos showing tips on how to achieve the best curly hair you’ve ever had! You can check out all her products directly on her site here.

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Resources for Latino/Hispanic Small Business Owners

Join a Hispanic Entrepreneur Community to connect with other business owners, get more information about federal government grants, and other resources.

Coalition For Hispanic Family Services

Coalition for Hispanic Family Services (CHFS) is a not-for-profit community-based comprehensive family service agency located in New York City. This agency provides the following services in North Brooklyn communities of Bushwick, Williamsburg and East New York and the Queens communities of Ridgewood, Elmhurst and Corona:

  • Foster Care and Adoption

  • Treatment Family Foster Care

  • Outpatient Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health Services

  • Children's Community Residence

  • After School & Summer Programs

  • Parenting Support Programs

  • Child Abuse Prevention

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