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Black, Single and Not Your Typical Stereotype

I am black, single and not your typical stereotype. Growing up I grew up in a two parent household. I remember people in school being surprised that both my parents were together. Back then I didn't understand the significance of that question but being older now I do. Being that more black families are broken up than together it caught them off guard that my parents were together. I will admit I cherished seeing that growing up because it set a tone for how I want to raise my children. I want them to see a two parent household that exhibits love.

Why Am I Single?

I am single. I get asked this question a lot but there are a few reasons why. First, I am single by choice. Second, about two and a half years ago I fled a domestic violence relationship with my children. We were able to rebuild our lives thanks to an amazing organization that helps battered women with children. I was able to rebuild my life on terms. I had therapy which helped me heal in so many ways. I started my fitness journey which is now a part of my daily lifestyle. I’ve learned so much about myself within these last few years that the only person I can thank is God. I will admit I do see marriage in my future but as of right now I am being patient and waiting on the time that God sees fit.

Not Your Typical Stereotype

I am not your typical stereotype. Ever since I started working at the age of 15 I’ve always been self-sufficient. I learned the importance of working hard for what you want early on in life. I entered the blogging/influencer space in January of 2018. When I decided that I would no longer say I want to blog but instead I put the action to work and just did it. My mission was to connect with other moms on mom and life stuff. Since starting in 2018 my community has grown and my mission has slightly changed but business wise it’s opened up my eyes so much.

Being black in the blogging/influencer space has its ups and downs. Most times we have to show our worth versus our counterparts. I will admit it’s not fair and sometimes makes things difficult but honestly it pushes me even

more to break the glass ceiling and show other black moms like myself that we can do it despite the negativity. Since blogging and finding things that I love to do it’s changed the way that I do things on a daily basis that could help the next person. I call myself “The Jill of all trades” because I have three businesses that I run from home.

All three of these businesses are my babies and they tie into the things I am passionate about. I truly believe that moms should not allow being a mom to stop your dreams. Anything is possible and with hardwork and dedication you can be successful all while mothering your child/children from home. It will not come easy so you must commit to putting in the work.

Repeat after me:

I am valuable.

I am successful.

I am capable of accomplishing any goal I set for myself.

I have the power to build my own success.

I hope to inspire any woman reading this and feels like she’s not capable or deserving of such success. Write your plan and take the necessary steps to make it happen. As mothers we tend to make excuses but we can only do that for long. Get to work and I promise you won’t regret it.

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