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  • Gwen Payne

Strategies to Help You Stay on Track With Your New Business While Caring for a New Baby

There are few greater milestones in life than welcoming home a new baby. However, if you are trying to launch a company simultaneously, finding the right balance may feel challenging. Consider these strategies and tools from Gwen Payne of Invisible Moms-Breaking Into Business Blog to give your child the love and attention he or she needs while still managing to stay on track with your new venture.

Work at Home With Your Baby Nearby

Running your business out of your house is beneficial for both your child and your company. It helps your infant because you are able to stay together during the workday; it helps your business by mitigating startup risks and reducing overhead expenses.

When deciding where to have your newborn sleep, there are several good options. If you want one-on-one contact, consider using a carrier or sling to hold your baby against your body while you work. This practice is known as babywearing, and it can be very beneficial for both the parent and the child. To get work done while wearing your infant, use a dictation app or software that accurately and quickly translates your voice to text.

Alternatively, keep a portable bassinet in your office. This arrangement allows you to keep a close eye on your baby while sitting and working at your desk.

If you prefer complete solitude while working, consider using a high-tech baby monitor to watch your infant from a distance. Modern systems offer high-definition video and cameras that tilt and zoom for the perfect shot. Some advanced systems also track vital health statistics, such as heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep quality.

Establish a Consistent Routine

Once you figure out the logistics, create a schedule for your little one's sleep times and feedings. Experts believe that babies feel more secure when they have a predictable rhythm to their day, and a routine can improve your work productivity, as well. With a regular schedule, you can:

  • Fully focus on your work while your child sleeps

  • Plan phone calls and meetings during naptimes

  • Enjoy guilt-free time together when your baby is awake

If you need help setting up a schedule that works for your infant, there are apps that allow you to track naps, feedings, and diaper changes in an effort to understand your baby's natural rhythms, as well as tools for online learning.

Be Strategic When Making Early Business Decisions

When you first launch a company, many of your decisions can impact your future success. For example, registering your business as a limited liability company provides several benefits, including less paperwork, more flexibility at tax time, and protection of your personal assets. So how do I start an LLC? Luckily, you don't need the services of an expensive lawyer to file for LLC status. Instead, file yourself or use a formation service to help. Whichever route you take, check your state's specific LLC regulations to ensure compliance.

Also, minimize your work burden by delegating certain assignments to freelancers. Some contractors can handle specialized tasks that you may not have the time or expertise to perform yourself. There are also trained freelancers available to handle time-consuming administrative chores such as answering the phones and managing payroll. The time you gain from delegation can be enjoyed with your new little one!

Juggling life with a new company and a new baby may sound daunting, but it doesn't have to be. By thinking strategically and utilizing available resources and tools, you can enjoy success as both an entrepreneur and a parent.



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